Hours Of Operation

I can be at your door within 2 hours

Monday – Friday  10am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

After Hours  and Holidays (all major holidays) are available for an additional charge
(Monday – Friday after 7:45pm and Saturday and Sunday after 6:45pm)

Holiday Hours – Please inquire!

All massages booked are for the actual time requested. An hour massage is 60 minutes; a half hour massage is 30 minutes etc. In scheduling the appointment 5 minutes is allotted for getting ready for the massage, and 10 minutes for getting redressed and leaving. So for an hour massage, expect to spend 75 minutes, for a 1.5-hour massage 105 minutes, etc. The first visit takes up to and additional ½ hour for performing a client evaluation, and discussing policies and procedures.

FAQ’s About Hours

Are you willing to work before or after your listed hours?
Yes, almost always.

For some people, the only time they have available to get a massage is in the evening and it can be difficult to find a professional therapist that will do an at home massage later in the evening.

Why do you charge more for nights?
The simple answer, nearly every business in the country charges more for after hours. However, I know people’s schedules do not always allow them to get massages during normal business hours so I am willing to work during off hours, but off-hours cost more and I do not do discounts on after hour appointments.




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